Event registration without the accounting headache​

Checkin is an event registration solution that easily integrates with accounting systems. It tracks incomes for you and places them neatly into the right spot, ready for the auditor. Nobody likes cleaning up after a party. With Checkin, you won’t have to.
Checkin is a solution that integrates with accounting solutions

Checkin takes care of the invisible job

Thousands of conferences, hundreds of thousands of participants: the experience and technology means that we are chosen. You don't just need an event registration system, you need Checkin. The event manager's and accountant's first choice.
Checkin takes care of the invisible job

Why Checkin?


BOOM! Automatic invoicing

We generate invoices and send them to your participants automatically straight from Checkin. It´s like magic! 
Checkin will automatically generate invoices


Complete control over the event economy

You will receive a VAT-specified accounting settlement per month along with the payment. Quality reports during and after your event. 

Hand throwing a paper plane

Build beautiful registration forms

Build registration forms and adjust the branding to your preferences. Embed the forms to your own website with *drumroll* ...two simple clicks.
Checkin offers you waiting lists
Marius Wang from Oslo Business Forum

After we switched to Checkin, registration for participants has become easier and conversions have skyrocketed! Checkin creates seamless customer journeys of the future for the event industry!

Marius Wang, Co-founder
Oslo Business Forum

Want to learn more about Checkin?

Currently Checkin is only operating in the Norwegian market. We are planning to expand to other markets during 2023. 

For more information about Checkin or partnership inquires, please contact us! 

Kjell Ingvar Torvik
CRO, Checkin

+47 93 21 11 63