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Send SMS and emails from Checkin

Checkin allows you to communicate with your participants directly from the system. We'll explain how!

How to send an SMS or email, or perform a test:

Go directly to the order report and click on the "SMS" or "Email" icon, or you can click on for example a ticket type to retrieve a list of only those participants, and then click the SMS or email icon.

Note: To send SMS, you must have sufficient funds in your account, meaning you must have received income from one of your events to cover the cost. The price for SMS is NOK 0.80 excluding VAT per message.



To make the message in an SMS or email more personalized and user-friendly, you can add mergefields to the message. See the example below (the email window will look the same):

You can choose to send to everyone at once or do this in intervals. Please be aware that it may take some time before all messages are sent out if you have many participants.

Note: If you have some participants on a waiting list, they will also receive SMS/Email if you send from the general order report. If you want to send only to those who have secured a spot, we recommend sorting this by using the "Filter" function and filtering by additional fields.

If you want to perform a test on email or SMS, you can do so by entering a number in the "Test number for SMS/test email for email" field. But be aware that mergefields retrieve information from a real order. This means that mergefields will be blank if you haven't created a complete test order for your event with the email address or phone number you are testing.