Kron Ham 2018
Kron Ham 2018

Kron Ham 2018 - Crown Him 2018

23.06.2018 10:00 - 23:00

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23.06.2018 22:55

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Get Together


Bergenhus Festning, 5003 Bergen, Norge

On June 23rd, 2018, Saint John´s Eve, we invite all Christians in Bergen to join together at our city's fort, Bergenhus Festning for a special event. We desire to see different generations, church communities, and cultural groups in Bergen come together in unity to pray, worship Jesus, and declare that He is our King. We believe that this will prepare the way for the Kingdom of God to be advanced in our city, and that that it will be a historical and significant event! This day will end with a worship celebration at the fort while organised prayer and worship will also take place on the 7 mountains around the city. 

The event is planned by "Get Together" - an organization started to make this and similar events happen. This is a group of individuals from different churches in the city. Because of this, the event is dependent on finances from those participating, and others who see the value of the event. Ticket sales, and a crowdfunding campaign are the main sources of income. All contributors and volunteers must therefor by tickets for the event. We believe that this is something we as Christians in this city will do together, both financially, spiritually and practically. However, we also want this to be a day where all those who want to can participate. So we have made the prices as low as possible, families can get a family ticket, and the event is free for children 12 years and younger. 

For more information, and the schedule for the day, see

If you have any questions conserning tickets or the event itself, please contact us at Here you can also sign up as a volunteer to help out pratically during the event.